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Who are we you might ask? Well, we are the premier authorized dealer and distributor for Expert Amplifiers in the Western Hemisphere.

Charles Frost, K5LBU, has been in ham radio for over 50 years. He has used the 1K-FA amplifier on a DXpedition to Botswana in October 2010 and both the 1K-FA and 2K-FA at 7P8D during CQWW CW in November 2012. Frosty has owned 1K-FA amplifiers since 2008 and has visited the SPE headquarters in Rome, Italy, several times and was impressed with the Expert Amplifiers. He believes that the SPE Expert Amplifiers are the best on the market.

Frosty also owned a ham store in Houston in the 1980s.

FCC has approved sales of the 1.3K amplifier in the US!

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