Expert Amps USA offices will be closed Friday, Feb. 20, and Saturday, February 21, in order to attend the services for our dad, Frosty.Rachael and Elizabeth appreciate the overwhelming support and words of encouragement from our customers and the Ham Radio community during this difficult time. We hope you understand why we won’t be answering the office phone or emails this weekend as we spend time with family and grieve over our father’s passing.

Our sale is still going on through Feb. 22nd. Please email or leave a voice mail to place your order. All orders time/date stamped by midnight, Sunday February 22, will be honored at the sale price. We will respond on Monday when we get back into the office.



Expert 2K-FA

The Amp with a PhD

The most advanced solid state automatic linear amplifier in the world focused for a very high quality amateur’s station.

The operator only has to move the frequency tuning knob on the Tranceiver!

  • Double the output power of the 1K-FA.
  • The only solid state linear amplifier delivering this power on 50 Mhz.
  • 6 selectable antennas.
  • Capable of selecting up to 3 antennas on each band.
  • 5.4x heatsink surface for continuous operation.
  • 3 selectable power output (Full, 1 KW, 500 Watt).
  • Simultaneously measures both matched and unmached antennas.
  • Capable of switching an external set of optional band pass filters for a perfect SO2R or multi station operation for Contests and DXpeditions.
  • High efficiency advanced switching power supply with automated Power Factor Correction. Input 190/255 Vac.

Expert 1K-FA

1 KW Solid State Fully Automatic Linear Amplifier

Built–in Power Supply and Automatic Antenna Tuner.
Dimensions: w 28, h 14, d 32 cm. (connectors included).
Weight: approx. 20 Kg.
Two CPUs are used, one of which is dedicated to the C.A.T.s.
Pi-L output circuit.
Over 13000 lines of SW for performance that cannot be found together in other amplifiers.
Easy connection with all models “ ICOM, YAESU, KENWOOD” for immediate
management of the bands, tuner and antennas.
Same performance with all makes or homemade rigs.
The operator has only to move the “ Frequency Tuning Knob” in the transceiver!!!